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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

8:28:56 AM EST - Eberon
Got an interesting note from someone today, but I'm not sure of the validity of it. I've contacted Brem_X_Jones to see what he has to say about it, but in the meantime I'll share it with you:

"Got something for you guys.

I applied to join Cassandra as a texture guy, but was turned down. That whole "Narcissus Entity" shit is more than a pose - never met such a snobby Mod team in my life. Anyway - when I was trying out, I had access to their file-space for a bit and grabbed a passworded zip. I've attached it - see what you think.

Haven't tried cracking it yet, but I'm going to download AZPR and see if it works. If you want a shot, download the trial version here...

Have fun.

The Master's Slave"

The file he mentioned is here. What can anyone make of this? Is it legitimate? Are there really sensitive project files out in the open or is this just someone playing a joke?

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