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Sunday, May 27, 2001

The real Game of the Year.
7:09:52 PM EST - Eberon
I have a secret to share with you. It is such a deep and dark secret that only a few members of MJ12 know it. Well, there's me, too. What is the secret?

Deep within the chambers of the Ion Storm Austin offices, before development on Deus Ex was another game. What was it called? It was called The Greasel Game. Its principal design concepts were strategy, stealth, and sharpshooting. What was the name of the game? Shooting Greasels.

Sadly, the Greasel Game was canned in favor of a really tamed down version where the player controls a walking bionically enhanced agent that tromps through real-world locations like New York and Paris *yawn*.

Thankfully, the project was grabbed from the hard drive of an Ion Storm employee just before it was reformatted to remove all evidence. Where can you see this game? You'll soon be able to play it at Redsun2020's website. Boy, I can't wait!

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