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Sunday, May 20, 2001

Deus Ex 2 petition.
9:46:07 AM EST - Eberon
Graeme Wood, aka "Pecker" has started up a petition that he would like me to post news of. His proposal/plea follows:
The Deus Ex community was dealt a devastating blow yesterday with the announcement that Deus Ex 2 was being created primarily for consoles then being ported to the PC. The community strongly disagrees with the actions of both Eidos and Ion Storm, believing that the game should be developed for PC's first then ported to consoles at a later date. As a result we have created an online petition in the hope Ion Storm and Eidos may change their decision. We are doing this for the good of the game; we want to see it being of a quality as high if not higher than the original, we don't want business decisions and money to influence people's decisions.
It should be noted before the fanatics go crazy that this decision seems to be mostly based upon technical issues. While we would all love to look at the people in the industry that upset us as moneygrubbing pigs, I am certain that Eidos and Ion Storm (Ion especially), who love creating games have not and will not magically turn into moneygrubbing pigs after one decision.

I share the anger of some fans that say "PC users are getting screwed by getting a stupid port", however, I think that we should gather all the facts before we enter the "rage" state.

Having said that, you can sign Pecker's petition here.

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