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Deus Ex Walkthrough (2 of 2)
by Chuck "Absynthe" Simciak

Table of Contents

Mission #7 - Mission #8 - Mission #9
Mission #10 - Mission #11 - Mission #12 - Mission #13
Missions #1-#6

For pictures, weapon stats, a strategy guide, and more check out my site
Denton's Databank


Primary Objectives:

  • Get to the Underworld Tavern and meet with Harley Filben.

Tired of Hell's Kitchen? Thankfully, this is the last trip here. For this mission the only major resistance you can expect are the troopers patrolling the streets along with one security bot. You can either snipe at them atop this roof and the nearby one to the east or sneak past them. Either way you will need to head north and climb down the fire escape to Paul's window. The 'Ton hotel doesn't offer much but its worth checking out. Paul's stash has a few things. Two officers guard the lobby. Look around. Leave using Paul's open bedroom window. Climb down the ladder. Head west to find the manhole cover leading to the MJ12 sewer facility. Very little down there except a few crates. From the manhole, head north into the rear entrance of the tavern on your right. Talk with everyone in the bar, except perhaps the bartender herself. When you speak with the soldier volunteer to help out with the situation, it will make your life easier. Speak with Harley Filben.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Stanton Dowd at the Osgood & Son's Storefront, near the tunnels leading to the warehouse district.

Secondary Objective:

  • Kill the traitor, Joe Greene, in the Free Clinic.

Leave the bar by the rear entrance. The Free Clinic is to the southwest, on your right. At least speak with Joe Greene before doing anything. A few medkits can be found as well as the medbots in the once secured room. If you kill Joe Greene, return to the tavern to talk with Filben and you will get a bit more dialog. From the Free Clinic entrance head southeast jogging into the park area to grab a prod charger off the last table. As you approach the remains of Osgood & Son's you may have to deal with two UNATCO troops and their pet security bot. If you spoke with the bartender back in the Underworld Tavern look behind you to find your new friend. The thug will play dumb when you talk with him but whip out a weapon and J.C. will utter, "Gotcha!". Stanton can usually be found keeping himself warm by a burning barrel in the ruins of Osgood & Son's Warehouse. If not, you may have to kill the thug mentioned earlier or look northeast of the ruins for him in front of the 'Ton hotel. If you can't find Stanton look around the corner past the first burning barrel, sometimes he hides.

Primary Objective:

  • Scuttle the PCS Wall Cloud by destroying the 5 tri-hull welds with explosives and by reversing the bilge pump flow. Pumping water into the bilges will destabilize the ship's weight distribution and cause the hull to split open.

Secondary Objectives:

  • See the Smuggler for explosives for scuttling the superfreighter.
  • Bring Stanton Dowd some Ambrosia to counteract the Gray Death.

Head northeast then north in the direction of the subway entrance. When you pass the wrecked car under the street lamp turn right and down the steps to the lift. If you don't have the password keep going north past the subway entrance, turn right and head back to the basketball court. Turn left and head north down the alley, turn right and find the cargo container with the ladder. Don't worry about security. Talk with Smuggler. Upstairs check the mirror covered compartment for items

Primary Objective:

  • Once you obtain items from Smuggler, get back to the hotel roof and take the helicopter to Brooklyn Naval Shipyard.

When you leave Smuggler Hell's Kitchen will be crawling with troops. Sneak or kill your way back to the roof of the 'Ton Hotel. Climb up the fire escape and leave using the helicopter.


Head east, crawl through the grate. Follow the path and talk with one of the patrolling guards to get a key to the main gate.

Primary Objective:

  • Enter Main building on north side of Dockyard. There may be more than one entry point.

Secondary Objective:

  • Find the Ammo Storage warehouse and raid ammo bunkers for more LAMs or Rockets.

Between the two guard quarters you can find a sewer grate near a garbage can. Within are a series of security beams, cameras, and some gas grenades set on proximity detonation. Since this isn't much fun, pull out the key ring and open up the main gate. One guard patrols the area in front of the warehouse to the north. Turn right and hug the wall while heading east. Turn north at the corner and keep your body to the wall until you reach the warehouse. Quietly pull the guard off duty then make your way along the front of the warehouse to the door. Open and enter. Look for patrolling guards on your right. Turn left and hug the wall. Crouch when you reach the corner and proceed north to the office. Enter while avoiding the camera in the northwest corner, then stand underneath it to plan your next moves.

Search the desk for a datacube and nano key. Open the keypad locked door east of the camera. Inside, search the desk for all three nano keys. The hard to find one is underneath the right side of the desk. Access the security terminal by hacking or using the login from the datacube. Set the security bots to standby, or to attack non-bots thus killing off the guards. If you do this, remember to set it back to standby later, you'll need to cross their paths eventually. Enter the locked room for supplies. The remaining door in the office leads to the bathroom. Inside is a datacube and under the sink a medkit. If you want to fight with the guards in the warehouse this is a good place. The only entry to the office area is the doorway making it a good bottleneck. Hiding in the bathroom can provide you with cover.

Leave the warehouse, turn left, and open up all three trailers using your key ring. Head west across the yard. Beware the one guard on your right, he patrols a small catwalk. Further ahead is a steel fence. Sometimes the guard patrolling the other side will spot you and come running so look out for him. Keep going west then turn left and enter the building labeled Base Commander Office. Search the office. Use your key ring to open the locked office door. Don't bother opening the safe, you've probably seen the Aqualung/Environmental Resistance more than enough times by now. From the desk be sure to get the nano key, it opens the other door leading to a small storage room. Between the two doors is a security terminal. Open the door for camera one but leave the door to camera two unlocked but closed for now.

Leave the office heading west to the next building. "Open" the door. Inside are some items and a repairbot. Head northeast to the Ammunition Storage building. Open the large door and stay to the left to avoid detection by the security bots. Head west into the small control room. Use the security terminal to put the bots on standby. Climb the nearby ladder to find some crates. Go back down and push the buttons on the control panel for ammunition bays one, two and three. Visit each bay. Climb atop the bays and head east jumping atop the metal panels. At the last panel, jump onto the metal catwalk, turn right and find the hatch. Open it, handle the guard if one is still there, and cross east back into the warehouse to grab more stuff from the crates on your right. Exit the warehouse heading north. Polish off any remaining guards, or alternately break into the toxin shed on the northwest end of the base. Detonate the toxic gas barrels and watch the gas pour out over the entire north end of the base. From the north exit of the warehouse, look right for a single crate stacked high. It contains a napalm canister. You only need one small metal crate and some jumping skills to grab it. Heading west its time to review the three ways by which you can enter the Naval Assembly Building. First up is a small shack on your right for the Sewer Control Valve. In front of it is a grate. Climb in to access the sewers. Head north, disarming the LAM as you go, to enter the lower portion of the building. If a large grate is still down preventing access, you can open it by spinning the valve inside the shack. Further west is a ramp leading up to a door. Check your notes, one of the datacubes you read has the code to enter. At the west end is a crane. Take the lift up to the crane control room. Look around for the 30.06 Ammo and the sniper rifle. Push the button to lower the crane arm. Cross atop it to the roof of the Naval Assembly Building. "Open" the vent cover leading to the A/C system. Crawl in.

At the big fan, throw some LAMs down to destroy the spiderbots. This will also destroy the fan eliminating a potential hazard. Climb down the ladder and enter the grate behind it. Move through the vent to the big grate at the end overlooking the ship. Turn left and crawl through the opening. Go down the ladder, then press the button and take the lift up to the crane control room. Push the button to move the beam into position. Take the lift down, climb back up the ladder, and open the large grate. Walk out and jump onto the beam held by the crane. Crawl across and drop onto the ship by the hatch. Another approach from water level is to simply swim north to the other side of the ship and climb one of the two ladders or grab the crane hook and crawl up. Yet another method is to lower the boarding ramp using the code which can be found in several areas by the main entrance to the dock. You'll have some guards to worry about but there are only three and they are spaced out far enough you could sneak past them.

Primary Objective:

  • Find a way to the lower decks.

Now that you are on the ship you could consider exploring the deck. If you can climb atop the edge of the ship and walk to the bow (east) you can find some goodies up there. Snipers will want to climb atop one of the two cranes for the best view. Return to the stern (west) of the ship and enter the living quarters by either of two hatches.

If you entered on the south side send the sailor to Davy Jone's Locker then turn to the right and enter the first door. The crew quarters don't offer much but there are a few things to take. Leave the crew area and head west across the hall. The west side has two rooms, one is a kitchen the other is a lab. In the lab, grab the ambrosia vial and open the safe, it contains an augmentation upgrade canister. Find the stairs in-between the doors leading to the crew quarters and climb up. One more sailor to deal with. Turn right and enter sickbay. Search the desk for a nano key and datacube. Crawl through the vent heading south into the electronics lab. Clean it out. Read all the datacubes, they are important. Note that the one that looks like a linux log file also contains the root login and password, very useful for the lower decks. Use the vent to leave but turn left midway and crawl out. Head southwest to the next vent and crawl in. When you reach the ladder climb up.

Head to the north end and retire both of the guards below you. Drop in and read all the datacubes. Grab the nano key and leave using one of the doors to the south. Turn right and use the code obtained to enter the captain's quarters. Look under his bed for a datacube and check the nightstand for a nano key. Search his desk to find the mother of all credit chits. Read his mail, then exit. On the east wall is a security terminal, hack it if you can. Turn around and go downstairs. Turn right twice, then left to reach the armory. If you hacked the security terminal it could be opened but you should also have a code from one of the datacubes read earlier. Enter and collect the goods. Work your way back down to the deck we started on, find the stairs between the lab and kitchen and go down. Unlock the hatch with your key ring and proceed below decks.

Down the steps. Turn left and sneak down the next flight. Turn right and head west into the engine room. About halfway in turn north and cross to the bridge keypad control. Use the number obtained from an earlier datacube to lower the bridge. Climb up and cross the bridge. Quietly climb the ladder and knock out the three sailors. They all carry tranquilizer darts. In the corner is a security terminal. Use the root login and password obtained earlier to disable everything. Head back down the ladder and into the other room. Smash the window and crawl out across the pipe heading west. Hop down into the corner. Grab the goodies, stack the boxes to form an escape route, then blow apart the first of five tri-hull welds. Move north to the other corner and blow apart the second weld.

Head east by southeast out of engineering into the long hallway that runs north to south. Proceed to the south end, turn left, and head to the end. Close the door if its opened, then use the root login on the terminal to disable more cameras. Enter the room and subdue the guards. More may appear above you on the catwalk from a connecting hallway. Watch for them as you work. In the northwest corner is the bilge switch and computer control. Flip the switch. Use the root login to reverse the pumps. Detonate the third tri-hull weld in the southeast corner. For some additional goodies, get onto the small catwalk overhead in the southeast corner. Leave the bilge room by climbing the steps in the northwest corner and walking down the hall. Another security terminal to consider about halfway down. Keep going, turn right then open the door. Don't cross into the electrical beams, just turn right and login to another security terminal. Do not open all the doors just yet, the guards at the other end of the walkway may notice you. Climb down the ladder and exit northwest to find the maintenance guy. Chat with him then grab the nearby multitool and nano key.

Primary Objective:

  • Cut the power to the transformers that are shorting out and electrifying the overhead walkway. Two control panels must be shut down, one of them under the floor.

You won't earn any points for this objective and it will soak up some multitools. To complete it access electrical panel #1 in the southwest corner of the electrified room. Panel #2 is found under a grate east of panel #1. The fourth tri-hull weld is in the northeast corner of the electrified room. You do not have to disable the electricity to destroy it, just hurl a LAM in that direction to blow it up.

If you disabled the electricity climb the ladder in the northwest corner then cross the walkway heading east. Open the door, retire the two guards then smash the windows to snipe away at the guards protecting the helipad. Or, from the grate used to reach panel #2 is another grate in the darkness further east. It will put you under and behind the helipad. Two guards patrol the pad with two more protecting the interior of a small barracks built out of the base on which the helicopter rests. Handle them, grab what you like. Now blow up the last tri-hull weld, its on the middle of the east wall. Exit the ship by running west out the door in the middle of the west wall. At the end turn right and run to the repairbot. Turn left, left at the next corner. Halfway down turn right into engineering, then left. Up the stairs and out the exit. Run out onto the deck of the ship and head to the stern (west) end and jump off.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Jock on the roof. At the west end of the dock is a maintenance store to the air condition system. Use the ladder inside to get into the ventilation channels and up onto the roof.

Swim north and climb the ladder. Enter the door slightly to the left. Climb the ladder and trace your steps back to the roof. Take the chopper.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Stanton Dowd at his family crypt inside the graveyard.

Enter the cemetery. To your right is the gate keeper shack. Kill him now, or kill him later. Keep reading to understand why. Move west, grab the bioelectric cell from the open grave. Head southeast and open up Bill Iberg. Explore. North and slightly east of him is another open grave. Go all the way down and enter through the secret backdoor to Dowd's crypt. Talk with Dowd.

Primary Objective:

  • Take the helicopter to Paris. Make contact with silhouette in the Paris catacombs.

Look everywhere. Many of the crypts contain goods, and the Dowd name plaque to the south hides a safe containing an augmentation upgrade canister. As you leave the crypt things get interesting.

Primary Objective:

  • Disable the EM disruption field that is preventing Jock from landing. The source seems to be a small building just inside the cemetery gate.

From the main crypt entrance, the gate keeper's shack is southeast. As you enter it, the bookcase in front of you hides the EM field generator. Either chop it, blow it, or open it using the keypad behind the picture to your left. Destroy the generator then get outta there. If you chose to do this in advance, the only thing to worry aout when MJ12 arrives is meeting Jock and boarding the helicopter.


Primary Objectives:

  • Make contact with the Illuminati in Paris, where the former Illuminati leader, Morgan Everett, is rumored to be in hiding.

Snipers, head to the edge of the roof and go to work on the three MJ12 commandos down below, non-snipers will have to deal with them later. Head northeast to the roof top shack. "Open" the door and turn on the light inside. Read the book to get the lift code then take it down to the bottom. Alternately, you could try working your way down the other shaft. Watch your step. At the bottom of the working lift climb the stairs heading north and follow the path until you find the odd woman. Speak with her but don't leave just yet.

Secondary Objective:

  • Kill the four greasels in the sewers, then inform the frightened woman who lives in the apartment ruins.

Climb the stack of stuff near the southeast corner. Walk across the beam and onto a narrow ledge that runs around the top of the room. From there move south to the hidden stack of goods. Leave the women and keep going down until you hit bottom. A window looks into the radioactive room and nearby is a hazmat suit. Punch in the code for the door and cross the room heading to the exit in the northwest corner. Alternately, send the working lift back up then crawl into the passage. It has two exits, both of which open up into the radioactive room. The locked exit is closer to the northwest exit where you need to go than the other. Out the other side, wave "hi" to the repairbot, the proceed down the ladder. Kill the greasels, there are four total. Return to the odd woman and talk with her. Try to restrain the urge to shoot the woman. Head back through the radioactive area, into the greasel area, and exit up the ladder on the west end. Three MJ12 commandos patrol topside. Knock 'em down then search them, one has a nano key that's somewhat useful. Remember building #14? Its entrance is southwest of where you popped up. Inside, turn right, then left up the stairs. Break into the locked case to read the datacube and grab the nano key. Use the login to access a nearby security terminal. Go all the way to the bottom to find some munitions. Grab the nano key from the cart. Head back up and enter the locked office, its at the end of the hall due west of where you entered the building. Open it, and read the datacube under the desk for an ATM account. Answer the phone if you feel brave. Leave building #14. Turn left, then left again to enter the metro. At the base of the ramp a dealer is on your left. Speak with him.

Secondary Objective:

  • Kill the three MJ12 soldiers in the metro station next to the underground mall. Report back to Defoe.

Actually, there are only two soldiers, three if you count the security bot. Two methods of handling this are to either take 'em head on or sneak. Sneakers might like to investigate the vent beneath the blinking light north of Defoe. Dispose the two MJ12 troopers. In the office area behind them hack the security terminal to disable the camera. Read the public terminals on your way out. Return to Defoe to complete the objective and get some discounts. On the west end are two ATMs. Use the pin code found earlier to get some credits. Leave the metro and head straight across to the catacomb entrance. If you don't have the key head around back on the east side. Break apart the boarded entrance to enter. Walk down the spiral stairs. Plot a course to Bunker #1. Check your map for details, its pretty straightforward. One suggestion: whenever possible, crouch into the narrow openings and crawl around. For example, there is one north of your starting position. Also, try to lure the guards back to these spots, they have problems shooting when you hide there. When you reach the entrance of Bunker #1 use the loose brick under the wine bottle or lockpick to open the entrance due south. Head to the middle and talk with Chad. Don't bother opening Chad's cabinet unless you really like Shakespeare.

Secondary Objective:

  • After the rescue attempt, inform Chad of the hostages' fate.
  • Protect the hostages as they try to make it back to Silhouette's bunker.
  • Free the members of Silhouette bring held in Bunker #3.

Open the blast door. First dude, an MJ12 commando, patrols the area. Handle him quiet or you'll get a grand total of one more MJ12 trooper to handle. In the area just north of the blast door is a diamond shaped pillar. South of it is a locked chest, inside you'll find a datacube with a security login and other things. Head north then make a right to enter Bunker #2. Inside is a bum willing to sell medkits and a virtually infinite supply of tranquilizer darts. Leave Bunker #2 and continue north. The spot marked "collapsed passages" on your map also containings some ammo crates protected by a LAM. Check it out or head west then south into a room with four exits (counting the one you just entered). To your left is a small storage area with some crates. Straight ahead atop the stairs is a locked chest. And on your right is a guarded passage marked with a white cross. If you didn't get the security login earlier, climb the railing for the steps and jump onto a ledge on the left heading east. Crawl through the opening to find another datacube with the security login. In the cross marked passage head south. Climb the ladder. "Open" the gate and the repairbot will fix the generator for you. Check the area for goods, then climb back down the ladder heading north past the security beams to enter Bunker #3. Alternately, as you head north you will pass the white cross on your left. Behind it is a narrow opening leading to another entrance for Bunker #3, bypassing the security beams, camera, and turret. Inside Bunker #3, retire the guards, there are a few. If you can swim, near the bunker entrance is a water filled passage that leads all the way to the back. In the back, towards the west, is a women guarding a security terminal. If you kill her leave some distance to avoid dying in the explosion. If you stun her, search her body for a weapon mod: scope. Before making the big escape, check upstairs in case the MJ12 Commando failed to here the noise you made getting in.

Head to the west end of Bunker #3. Use the security terminal to disable cameras and more importantly set the turrets to bypassed. Can't rescue hostages if they're gunned down. Find the nano key on the nearby table. Open the door in the middle of the oval shaped area of Bunker #3. As you leave the bunker check for a locked chest on your right if you missed it. Inside you'll find some rockets, a multitool, and a weaponmod: reload. When both hostages have returned talk with Chad for further instructions. Check your map and leave the catacombs via the secret tunnels labeled on the map, just north of Bunker #3.

Secondary Objective:

  • Meet Jaime at a cafe in building 19.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Nicolette DuClare. She is known to frequent Club La Porte de I'Enfer.

If you asked for Jaime to join you in Hong Kong, you will not be meeting him in the cafe. After the next map loads you have a bit more of the sewers to traverse before exiting. Two exits are available, and as fate would have it, the locked one is actually the safest. The unlocked sewer hatch will open up on several MJ12 troops including some commandos. However, a guard shack is also close by that contains a computer enabling you to shutdown the patrolling bots. Open the locked hatch and peek out. Two military grade bots patrol the street and this hatch is at a corner were both bots pause before resuming their patrol. Be sure to look both ways before climbing out and running southeast, past the pillar to safety. When the streets are safe run out to Tres Ch!c, then turn left and run south down the street hugging the left wall.

Concerning the Paris Police, they can be quite nasty when aroused but they just aren't as motivated as the MJ12 troopers. If you attack an MJ12 trooper or bust into an apartment or store in their presence they will attack. However, if they don't find you after a certain amount of time, they will revert back to their friendly status.

Keep hugging the left wall past a Paris policeman. When you reach the lamp turn left and run down the alley. As you leave the alley turn southeast and enter the hostel. Head to the back where the bar is and chat with the locals.

Secondary Objective:

  • Get the zyme from the bakery and sell it to Renault.

Go upstairs and around the corner. Grab the nano key from the cart and use it to open the only locked door on the second floor. Climb up to the bed and grab the goods from the nightstand. Leave the hostel out the north entrance. Quietly subdue the only policeman on duty then loot both of the apartments to the west. Apartment #11 is well worth it, belonging to an arms dealer. It contains many weapon mods and ammo.

Leave the apartments heading to the southeast corner, past the hostel. Turn east and run down the alley until you reach a side alley, just before the windows. Run down it and turn the corner. One policeman patrols this alley, quietly dispose of him before "opening" the rear door to building #15, the bakery. Enter, turn left and open the oven. Take it all. Leave the bakery and return to the hostel to complete your deal with Renault. Exit the hotel out the north entrance again and run to the tree. Turn left down the alley. Take it to the street then carefully turn left and enter the club using the main entrance. You could pay Louis the doorman, instead "open" the vent cover by the cigarette machine. Crawl in to enter the small office. Grab the nano key from the table. Say "hi" to Louis, then exit out the other vent and into the restroom. Leave the restroom and make for the bar. Go into the offices behind it. Your key ring will open most of the locked doors including the rear exit. In the accountant's office, smash the painting to access a hidden stash including a datacube with the code for the keypad locked door nearby.

Head back to the club and chat with the locals. Beware giving them any credits as much of the information they offer has already been covered. Go upstairs and find the women sitting alone by the room of mirrors. Talk with her. Leave the club out the rear exit. Turn left and head back out to the street. Sneak across and into the alley. Keep going until you see the ATMs on your right. Use them to get money out of all the bank accounts described in the datacubes you have read along the way. If you don't have an appointment with Jaime in the cafe head back to the helicopter. Turn south to enter the cafe through the kitchen. To your right are some shelves, one has a datacube with yet another bank account. Enter the cafe. Talk with Jaime to get Gunther's killphrase, then chat with the arguing husband and wife to learn the login for the guard shack we avoided earlier. Leave the cafe and cross back to the hostel. If you feel bold you can try to enter building #14, a digital media store. Its located between the club and bakery. Not worth much, just 50 skill points and a multitool. Home in on the sound of the helicopter. Talk with Nicolette. Leave using the helicopter. Talk to Nicolette then head west to the rear of the chateau. Break apart the wooden boards and open the door.

Primary Objectives:

  • Find Beth DuClare's secret computer room, which should contain clues to the whereabouts of Morgan Everett.
  • Search the DuClare chateau for evidence of Morgan Everett's relationship with Beth DuClare.

Move straight ahead past the glass enclosed office into the next room. Read the email at Nicolette's computer using her login. Head back to the rear entrance of the chateau, turn left and run past the glass office. Go upstairs. Turn left and down the hall. Take the first door on your right. Head to the back of the bathroom and grab the nano key from behind the vase. Return to the stairs and open the locked door to enter Nicolette's bedroom. Use the skull atop her fireplace to find a nice stash. Leave her bedroom and move north past the bathroom. Get the nano key from behind the small vase on the table. Enter Beth's bedroom at the end of the hall. In the northeast corner is a painting. Open it, grab the stuff and read the datacube. Head downstairs and proceed northeast until you reach the kitchen. Enter the cellar. Head southeast. Use the candelabra to open the secret door. Head north and chop apart the beams to gain passage. Alternately, the beam that touches the floor can be climbed into a vent but save a single lockpick its not worth the trip. Keep going north until you reach a small room with two crates. Hack the security terminal to open the nanotech containment field. Proceed past more wooden beams into the secret computer facility for Beth DuClare. Use the login obtained from Beth's bedroom to login to the computer. Send the signal to Morgan Everett. Get the nano key from Nicolette.

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the family crypt in the maze behind the chateau and await instructions from Morgan Everett.

Check the back of Beth DuClare's secret facility for the repairbot, an augmentation canister and an augmentation upgrade canister as well as other goods. Exit out the back of the chateau and enter the maze. Its not a complex maze, just keep heading west and look out for the two MJ12 commandos that patrol the area. Enter the crypt.


Primary Objectives:

  • Access the Templar computer system so that Morgan Everett can complete work on a cure for the Gray Death.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Recover the gold from the Templars' cathedral, now occupied by MJ12.

Get out of the sewer. Grab a small metal crate and use it to step up onto a larger one by the sewer exit. Break the window and enter the room. Look around, then walk up the wooden beam to grab the nano key in front of the mirror. Out the windows you can snipe the MJ12 commando or climb back down and around, using your key ring to open the gate. After you handle the commando you'll approach a bridge with snipers. Best to sneak to your left and open the green door. Climb up and disable the snipers. Cross the bridge and hack the security terminal to disable the military bot. Run back down and smash the glass display. Hide until the alarm silences before collecting the goods. Run northwest, past some patrolling guards to the bridge. One MJ12 commando to handle and its on to the cathedral. Those who can swim might want to jump over the bridge. Below are some crates and a passage to the well in the middle of the compound. Better to head across the bridge and then duck behind some trees to the right. Stay crouch while waiting for the sniper and security bot to be positioned so that you can dart between them when they face opposite directions. Hugging the east wall of the cathedral work your way northeast until you find a trellis. Climb it, then a stone arch and smash the skylight to drop into the Templar library.

Do some reading, and grab the nano key from behind one of the bookstands. Quietly go downstairs. On your right are two MJ12 commandos. Put them to sleep then clean out all the rooms. In one you'll find a datacube with some vital codes and a weapon mod: recoil behind the bed. Back up the steps, and turn left. Knock out the sniper to your left then sneak south and make a left onto a small balcony. A few crates to your left. Return to the spiral stairs and go down to handle the MJ12 commando. Climb to the top of the spiral stairs. Two snipers to handle then you can cross the bridge to the other tower. Quietly go down the stairs and knock out the remaining sniper. Follow the stairs all the way to the bottom. Only two guards to deal with before the kitchen is secure. Talk with the chef. Look around.

Run back up the spiral stairs and enter the first opening on your left. Sneak down the stairs. Open the first door on your left using the code for Sidon's Vault. Get past the security beams. The terminal controlling the cameras is on the west wall. Its not to hard to just run over there without getting into too much trouble. You already have the login for all the computers in this level, it just may not be obvious. Select the space between the quotes for the login "loginID: 34501 password: 08711". Exit and turn left to go upstairs. Turn left, then left again heading south. Open the door on your right. Subdue the WiB and use the security terminal to disable the camera. If you time your shots right, the WiB's death detonation will also open the locked case as well. Leave the room and head down stairs. Don't worry about the other locked door, there is an easier way to get behind it. When you reach the landing cross east into the next room. Avoid the camera and open the door using the code for the Fountain of Wisdom. Go downstairs and talk with Gunther. If you were lucky enough to have told Jaime Keyes to stay at UNATCO, and you met up with him in the cafe on the previous mission, you will be armed with Gunther's killphrase. Go get 'em. Login to the computer and establish the uplink.

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the metro station and await further instructions.

Head south and chat with Walton Simons. Head back upstairs and climb the ladder where the ambrosia sits. Walk around and punch the switch to open the hidden door. Take a look at the two crates. The locked door is the one mentioned earlier, the other door leads outside. Backtrace your steps to the top the of the spiral stairs. Cross the bridge back to the other tower, then run downstairs to the bottom. Exit the cathedral out the main entrance to the south. Head south back across the bridge then make a right down the ramp into the metro.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Toby Atanwe, Everett's associate, in the metro station.

As you enter, head east through the sliding glass door. Talk with the technician to buy some goods. Stack some boxes atop the couch to reach the secret area. See the picture below for an idea on how to go about it. Read the book and write down the atm code and pin number. Leave the room and smash the glass to enter the area to the north. This is where you'll find an ATM to use the code. Note that the pin number is incomplete, and is missing the last digit. Highlight the area between the quotes for a hint "Skip digits 0 through 4". Cross to the south side of the metro and run down to the tracks. Talk with Toby, it doesn't matter if you agree with him or not. Talk with Toby when you awake. Head to the kitchen but make a left into the bedroom. Grab the nano key from the bathroom and slide the mirror back to expose the grate. More on it later, leave and enter the kitchen. Talk with Carmela, then head down the stairs to the southeast. When you reach the intersection turn left and talk with Alex. Head into the room behind him and read the datacube. It contains the info needed to login to any terminal. Run back to the intersection and turn left. Head up and talk with Morgan Everett.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Jock at the helipad. Leave for Vandenberg Airforce Base.

Behind you is a hatch that you can open with your key ring. It opens access to the aquarium though the only items of interest require a swim to the other tank. Login to the nearby security terminal to disable the fields on the assorted augmentation canisters and augmentation upgrade canister. Highlight the area between the quotes for an actual login if you haven't figured one out "loginID: meverett password: pynchon". Run back to the metal grate we found earlier behind the mirror. "Open" it and talk with Lucius DeBeers.

Secondary Objective:

  • Tell Everett that Lucius DeBeers is cold.

Check out the nearby table, then head back to Everett and talk about DeBeers.

Secondary Objective:

  • Tell Lucius that Everett does not intend to revive him?

Run back to Lucius and talk to him, optionally, disable his life support using the nearby terminal. Head back to where you met Alex and go into the room behind him. Using the code found in DeBeers' room, open the locked door and talk with the glowing blue light. Talk to Everett about it. Head back to the room where you started. Unlock the door to the south head up to the helipad. As you approach the chopper there is a machine on your right. Open the metal grate in its side to get a multitool and bioelectric cell. Talk with the flight mechanic, the one that's still walking. This isn't right. Run back to Everett and ask him about it.

Secondary Objective:

  • Kill the phony mechanic who infiltrated Everett's estate.

Now run back to the mechanic to hear his side of the story. Kill him or leave him be. He is what you would call a plot twist. Leave by using the helicopter.


Primary Objective:

  • Destroy the 2 MJ12 military bots and 2 MJ12 security bots. Base will remain under lockdown until the bots are destroyed.

Secondary Objective:

  • Activate backup power for the X-51 scientists' bot security system.

Ahhh, where to begin. How about scouting around the edge of the roof and sniping those who would cause you harm? Even the mini-crossbow can help thin the numbers down. You could also destroy the bots from atop the roof, but that will spoil the fun later. In total, there are four guards to worry about. One of the north end, one on the south, and two on the water tower towards the west. Pass on the two MJ12 commandos guarding the main entrance, they'll get theirs later. Take the stairs down northwest of your start position. Avoid or disable the camera using the terminal and move past the door. Head south past the next door and two guards to the elevator. Or, climb topside and sneak across into the elevator shaft. Just watch out that the guards don't sound the alarm or the turret will nail you before reaching the elevator shaft. Take the elevator down to the second floor. Step out and retire the guard across on your right. Take the elevator back up to three until things settle then go all the way down to one. Of the three MJ12 troops that are chatting target the MiB, when he dies he will detonate taking out the other guards if you're quick enough. Head north down the hall and take the last door on your left. Activate the generator and open the grate left of the keypad. Crawl in and get the nano key. Head up by stairs or elevator and retire the two remaining guards.

Sneak south through the door at the end. Beware the camera to the southeast. Time it right and you should be able to climb the stairs to your right without notice. Enter the meeting room. Off the east end crawl under the railing and put down the last two guards in the facility. Talk with the female researcher then use your key ring to open the locked door nearby. Talk with the other researcher. Though not required, you can enter the hazard lab and access the security terminal on the north end. Of course, the water would be safer if you disabled the electricity, the hard to reach electrical panel requires fewer multitools. The lone augmentation canister offers cloak/radar transparency. A floating trooper body contains a weapon mod: range. Take the elevator back to the roof and run to the southeast corner. Jump off into the red area between the two columns, its water. Smack the two crates that are nearby then climb out. Run west and down. Activate the second backup generator. Climb out and head north along the rear of the base. Turn right and sneak out to the security bay. The door to enter is on its south side. Inside push the two buttons to unleash hot electric death. Check for goodies. Give the bots some help, you want them to win don't you?

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the communications center to gain access to Gary Savage.

Head south and enter the comm 01 bunker from its east end. Talk with the scientist.

Primary Objective:

  • Find Gary Savage, believed to be in the control room.

Head to the back. Use a LAM on the lockers, one of them has an augmentation upgrade canister. The other room has some items on the shelves, a ladder that goes topside, and a hatch to go down below for the next part of the mission.

Primary Objective:

  • Uplink Daedalus to the military computers near the control room on the second floor of the command building.

Can't worry about this objective right now. Head down the tunnel and remove the spider bot. Your choice of explosives or shooting one of the barrels. Further down the tunnel is a yellow machine on your right. The panel next to it can be used to open the door at the end of the tunnel if you trigger the security beams. Knock apart the next spider bot. Bypass security by logging into the terminal. Ignore the locked door for now, just get past the security beams and into the next room labeled #1 Hazard. Turn right and crawl into the vent. Follow it until you can drop down into a water filled room. Beneath the floating body is a nano key. The exit is up the stairs through the opening to the south. At the base of the stairs, submerged, is a locked door. If you have the skills to open it you'll be rewarded by a floater carrying an augmentation upgrade canister. Get out and head back to the #1 Hazard room. Turn left, unlock maintenance access and use it to cross the radioactive part of the tunnel. Fall back to the ground short of the small storage area. Take out the spider bots from up here then cross to the control room using the stairs to the north. Send the bridge up to level 3 unless you need to get some goodies. Go back and cross the bridge. One more spider bot, then its time to search the stiff at the end of the tunnel. Grab that nano key and take the ladder topside. Go up to level 2 and open the hatch to the Central Control room. Enter. Before you do anything head east, then turn right and go down the stairs to where everyone has gathered. Talk with everyone, particularly Dr. Savage.

Primary Objective:

  • Bring up the Vandenberg computer system, needed to operate the UC and to allow Everett to defend Daedalus.

Checkout Doc Savage's email, then climb the stairs and slowly approach the electrified room. Enter just enough to grab the nano key from the cart on your right. Back off then climb the stairs to the top. Use your key ring to enter the computer room. Destroy the spinning fan and crawl through. Drop down onto the lift to your left, then cross to the computer on the north end. Alright, maybe this isn't the best way but the other routes are pretty obvious. Login and establish the uplink, and everything seems great. Until...

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the control room to receive a communication from Bob Page.

Just as the objective says, find Savage and listen to the message. Talk to Doc Savage and formulate a plan.

Primary Objective:

  • Rescue Gary Savage's daughter, Tiffany, from the gas station where Majestic 12 is holding her.

Talk with Gary's fellow scientists for some background. Speak with Sam Carter for additional info. Leave Central Command.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Jock at the front entrance to Vandenberg, northeast of the base.

Exit out the main entrance of the base and head east. Make a left down the road. Talk to Tong and leave on the helicopter. After Jock drops you off look around. Behind you is an overturned trailer with a crate inside. Run to the south end and talk with the two bums. Get the nano key, and do some shopping. Behind the broken wall further south is a body and another nano key in case you forgot about the first. Return north and enter the building on your right. Run through the pipe but sneak out topside. One guard patrols nearby. Four guards total patrol the front of the station. One guard remains stationary at the rear of the station. Two dogs patrol behind the garage. With the outside secure, enter the gas station and look around. Head to the back of the station and climb the ladder to the roof and, if you have the run silent mod, run south and jump across to the roof of the garage. Climb in and subdue the guards. Talk with Tiffany. If you have to enter through the garage door, you can find a nano key to it on one of the MJ12 commandos.

Primary Objective:

  • Return to the helicopter in the junkyard.

Go back outside and climb atop the big gas tank. Open the top hatch and hop in to collect a few items. If you look directly south of where you popped up you'll notice another small fenced enclosure. The door to enter it is on its west side, its contains a few crates. Further south where Jock waits is the junkyard. On your left is a small shack with a repair bot and some goods. To the right a trailer containing a medkit, plasma clip, and weaponmod: silencer. When all is clear get Tiffany and escort her to the copter. Leave for the sub base.


Primary Objectives:

  • From the recently damaged MJ12 ocean lab, recover the schematic Gary Savage needs to complete a Universal Constructor.
  • Steal a mini-sub from the URV module submerged just offshore, then take it to the ocean lab.

Work your way south past the bots. Disable the only human guard on duty, near the shack. Grab his nano key then pick open the shack door and enter. Besides the crates there is small panel containing two nano keys. Get them. Exit, turn right and head for the tall thick metal pole. Open the hatch on its east side and climb up, way up. When you reach an intersection the guards will be on your left, and a karkian tank to your right. Wait for one of the patrolling guards to pass for an easy takedown. Head north to the guard room. Another trooper to handle on your left in the next room. His patrol however is monitored by another guard in a connecting room. You'll have to be quiet in handling them or use the maintenance hatch in the northeast corner of the guard room. Open the vent to sneak past these two guards though you'll be better of disabling them so you can talk with the scientists. The locked door in the guard room is storage for a few crates. Its code is 12.

Get to floor level where the scientists are and talk with Pinkerton, he'll supply a map. Exit southwest and sneak around the edge of the building knocking out the troops. If you face west you'll have a great sniping position for the guards around modules #1 and #2. Feeling brave? Jump atop the passage from the southwest corner and head to the roof of module #1. A roof hatch allows a safe drop inside it. Otherwise, return to the scientist room and exit southeast. Take the ladder down and follow the passage to module #1. Only one guard to handle inside the module, though some divers patrol the waters beneath the moonpool. Outside module #1 one more guard then follow the catwalk into module #2. Inside module #2, is another guard. Take the elevator down. The security terminal ahead on your left controls two turrets, ideal for handling the MJ12 troops. Head on back and chat with the scientists. Use the login to open the sub bay doors on the nearby security terminal. Climb the stairs and try the login you got from Pinkerton on a computer. Exit west into the sub bay. Talk with the technician for some background. Use the mini-sub.

On a personal note, I'd like to say this part of the mission is my favorite part of the game. Combining some thoughts I've had with the feel of System Shock.

Look around before climbing the stairs. The first flight is an observation area for the tank. Next level allows you to shoot the karkians in the tank and search the body for items. The final floor is tricky due to the turret. Either blow it up, bypass it, or if you have the skills, you can chop it with the Dragon's Tooth Sword. Having a master (or near master) level in low-tech and an upgraded combat strength gives you that power. A security terminal in the northwest corner is useful. Exit through the north hatch. Another rogue turret is down the hall on your left. Its tricky to hit but not impossible. Use the nearby crate for cover. The two rooms it protects are storage rooms. Entering the second will require some lockpicking or the nano key we pickup later. Grab the nano key near the dead body and use it to open the locked door on the north end of the hall. Two greasels to handle in the lab and one down below in the water. Climb down the ladder and proceed southwest through the door and down the hall. Three greasels in the next room. Kill them then look by the light in the middle for a datacube.

Now the fun stuff. A locked room can be found in the northeast corner, sadly it only contains only a medkit but the nano key we get later will unlock it. Another door hidden in the dark is located in the southwest corner. If you don't have swimming skills, aqualung, or a rebreather you might want to skip this. Open the floor hatch and swim outside. Head south but glide left to go around the support. Keep going south past the window that looks into the sub bay, and then the next support. Turn right and look for the two red lights. Between them is hatch into a room with an air pocket and a crate containing a rebreather. Swim south again but slightly to the left. Look for the blinking light. It leads to a crack in the south portion of the base. Swim in and head south to the flooded room. No air pockets here but there is a nano key to the two storage rooms, a weaponmod: clip, and a GEP gun. Plus, a bioelectric cell on the dead body. Return to the half submerged lab.

Don't take the ladder back up to the greasel lab, instead, use the code from the datacube to open the hatch in the northeast corner. In the electrified room, read the datacube on the corner of the table before turning right to enter the excavation area. Toss a LAM in the hall just ahead on your right. Kill the two greasels and baby karkians. Enter the hall you threw the LAM into earlier and grab the nano key. Exit out the hatch to the east. As you do note the switch on your right. It electrifies the rails. Hmmmmm. Explore the quarters on both the upper and lower half of the crew modules. The locked room is storage, and can be openened with your key ring if you swam outside for the nano key. Take the lift on the south end down. Disable the gas grenade and proceed down the hall. Disable or destroy the blue security beams. The vent on your right leads to a greasel infested vent system that doesn't seem to go anywhere. Go east. Disable the jumbo spider bot. Two lifts lead to storage rooms north and south. North is radioactive, south has three small spider bots protecting it. Proceed east to the lift. Before you summon the lift, hop into the water and swim northeast. The dead MiB has an augmentation upgrade canister, and the datacube below him has a critical password. Take the lift up and head west. Use the security terminal a bit to your right to extend the bridge. The two turrets north and south of you can be destroyed easily by hiding behind the monitors on either side. Cross the bridge and login to the computer, same as security, to get the schematic. Take the lift back down but stop by the hologram to get a message from Page.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Gary Savage and Jock on top of the sub base's command module, just onshore.

Head to the surface, say "hi" to Walton Simons on the way. Best method of handling him is to start doing damage before he speaks. You'll see him on your right as you exit the hatch into the excavation area. Keep running and if you're lucky he'll get stuck on the tracks. Sitting duck for rocket. Alternately, ignore him altogether and run away. If you do, Simons will appear again to finsh you off in a later mission. When you reach the sub bay check your notes for a login to use on the terminal in the bay to open the doors. Leave by sub. Take a path straight back to the command module where this trip began. When you reach the tall ladder in the command module take it to the top, head south, and take the ladder on your right to the roof. Leave with Jock.

Primary Objective:

  • Abort the launch of the nuclear missile.

Bet you didn't think you'd be here when you got up this morning? Nail the two dogs on your left and/or the sniper on the water tower. Head north and turn the corner. Get the next two dogs and head back. Turn again and approach the shack to the southwest. Be quiet so you can overhear an important conversation. Let it finish then carefully open the door and let loose with some firepower. Head upstairs. Use some multitools on the keypad to open a storage area in the ceiling (or guess the code of 12). Stairs will drop for access.

Exit north across the wooden catwalk into the facility, or use the nano key found in the shack to open the front gates. Head for the water tower and use it to drop atop the nearby building. Or, break in through one of the doors, a nearby vent connects both rooms of the building together. Another option includes detonating the barrels on the side of the building, they will open a hole in the side. Inside, a nano key sits atop a shelf. You'll need to use the catwalk that connects the two roofs to enter the other building. Inside is a repairbot plus a few items. From the bot room there is a vent in the northeast corner that leads to the silo stairwell. Before you head in try using the nano key found in the first building to open the trailer west of the silo stairwell. Inside is a weaponmod: silencer among other things. Access to the silo stairwell can be done through a door and lift in the northeast part of the base as well as the vent in the room with the repair bot. Head to the bottom and open the doors using the code you got when the mission started. Proceed to launch command. One commando and three MiBs upstairs to handle. Abort the launch upstairs

Primary Objective:

  • Reprogram the missile to strike Area 51.

Run downstairs and either open the locked room to the north or climb the ladder. If you hit the ladder you'll find a spider bot atop it. Either way get into the room in the northwest corner. Talk with the scientist and read the datacube. Use the info to login to the terminal upstairs and reprogram the missile.

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the launch tube and make sure MJ12 does not sabotage the missile launch.

Run out of launch command and enter the now open door leading to the missile silo. Before you enter the metal tube leading to the missile look down for a grate. Open it and slide into the water below the missile. Swim west and summon the lift. Take it to the floor #2. Kill or disable Howard Strong.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Jock outside the silo.

Use the lift to get out. Floor #3 is spider bot country. #4 has a repair bot. #5 leads to the tunnel to get out past a few troops. Floor #6 has one MiB and a ladder leading to a service hatch out the silo roof. Leave by helicopter.


Primary Objectives:

  • Get access to the Area 51 Bunker.
  • Get past the blast doors north of the helipad.

Kill the sniper atop the west tower. To the north are two bots on patrol. A long range shot of the GEP Gun would be good from the helipad. Behind you, to the east is a shack and a stack of truck trailers. If you can manage to get atop the trailers the dead body seen below has a weaponmod: accuracy. The shack houses a few items. Run northeast and enter the command 24 bunker. If you haven't killed Walton Simons yet, this is your last chance. Grab the goods inside the bunker, the nano key by the dead guard, and blast apart the lockers near the entrance. Use your key ring to open the hatch leading to a storage area down below. In there you will find a datacube with a security login and a locked up augmentation upgrade canister. Leave the bunker and run southwest to the sniper tower. Open the door at its base. Disarm the LAMs in the ladder openings. Beneath the tower is storage. At its top you'll want to login to the security terminal and use it to open the blast doors.

Enter the blast doors on the north side, or consider Hangar 37A northwest of the tower. Kill a few guards inside, search the remains of the shack, then climb atop its roof using one of the fallen steel beams. You can talk to the guy hiding on the second floor of the shack. Pick open the access door to the vent system south of the shack or if you can manage to get atop it open the grate. Destroy the fan and drop in. Swimming down the tunnel to the north leads to a dead guard with a weaponmod: laser and a scramble grenade. Follow the simple path and keep going down until you reach the bunker entrance. If you chose to enter through the blast doors hack the terminal to the left or disable the camera straight ahead. You should probably do something about the two security bots that patrol each hall. Head to the right and check for goods then enter the generator room to the northeast.

Secondary Objective:

  • Bring up the power to the elevator system in order to access Page's bunker below.

Either "open" the door or go in from the roof by entering the room in the southeast corner. Turn on the power then run west to the lift. Take it all the way down. If you're short on bioelectric cells send the lift back up and search the body under the lift. Open the big doors and proceed. Deal with the turret and camera, then down the ramp and run to the west wall. Jump over the points where the beams intersect then head south down the tunnel. When the generator alarms sounds pull back for safety. Walk up to the generator and check the hologram messaging station. So it begins, the first of several conflicting goals.

Secondary Objective:

  • (Join Illuminati) Kill Bob Page and clear the way for the former Illuminati leaders to restore an age-old secret government. Rule the world with compassion and an invisible hand alongside Morgan Everett.

The hatch behind the blown generator leads to some baby karkian infested maintenance tunnels. Before you head off look west for two valves to shut off the steam. At the end of one of the maintenance tunnels are some rockets. Head north from the blown generator. Disable the security bot. Follow the tunnel around to the camera. Run past it. When the camera settles it should be pointing down. Avoid it and open up the hatch to the recreation room, check your notes for the code. Clean out the room and be sure to read the datacube by the body on the Ping-Pong table. Exit and turn right. Run north and enter the crew quarters. Take what you like. Use the code obtained to open the sleeping man's bunk. Grab the nano key and exit. Turn left and follow the tunnel around to the guarded area. Use your key ring to open the door for sector #3 access. Close the door behind you. Move ahead and glide right to grab few things. Summon the lift then cloak or combat your way past the troops and take the lift down. Check the hologram messenger for some info from Tong and another objective.

Secondary Objective:

  • (New Dark Age) First go to the coolant control room at the northwest corner of Sector 4 and cut off coolant to the reactors, then return to the reactor lab in Sector 3 to finish the job. Destroying the global communications hub will plunge the world into another dark age -- dark but perhaps free from global tyranny.

This area is tricky initially. Guards patrol the catwalks above you and assorted beasties roam near the fenced water area to the west. For now, raise the forks on the forklift to your right. Stand on the forks and enter the grate to the north. Sneak up the first flight and head out to the catwalks. Quietly disable the two guards then return to the stairwell.

Primary Objective:

  • Talk to Helios at the Aquinas Hub to gain access to Sector 4.

Up another flight then subdue the MiB. Outside is another guard patrolling a catwalk, and the ladder southeast of the mechanic leads to a sniper. Read the datacube in the last room on the third floor, check the body floating in the tank just outside for goods and use the ladder to reach the roof. The datacube up there is useful. Using the catwalks, kill the various creatures in and around the water filled area to the west. Also, nail the two spider bots hovering around the entrance to the reactor lab due north. Head back to the room where you found the mechanic. Use the security terminal to gain access to the reactor lab as well as an augmentation upgrade canister. If the door leading to the stairwell hasn't opened by now you can drop atop the steam emitting machine safely to reach the ground. Head west and enter the green water filled area using a hatch to the right. Under the floating body read the datacube and grab the nano key. Run west into the reactor lab. Get past the reactors and up the ladder to the control room. Talk with the tech then return to the stairwell and punch in the code to access Aquinas Hub Access. Enter. Smashing the window to the east gives to access to a dead man with a few things, a good sniping position on one of the guards, and a hatch to drop in on the commando below you. Or, head south and take the ladder down by the stairwell. Its a bit trickier since you may have to handle the commando, a trooper, and two greys at the same time. Either way, enter the Aquinas Hub and take the lift up to the top. Talk with Helios and get another objective.

Secondary Objective:

  • (Merge with Helios AI) Deactivate the uplink locks on the Aquinas Router at the east end of Sector 4, thus allowing Helios to exchange information with your augmentations. Together with Helios, administrate the world with absolute knowledge and reason.

Take the lift back down but prepare for a fight. Three commandos come down the stairs and two troops with a MiB arrive by a tram to the south if you look. If you don't look they don't come. Should the tram arrive and you have the Run Fast aug, use it to head down the tunnel and jump across to the other side for some great items. Head back out to the ladder by the stairwell and turn left. Take the stairs all the way to the bottom, pausing only to drop some explosives on the large spider before reaching bottom. The explosives locker code opens the hatch you'll run across about half way down the stairs. When you reach bottom, look behind the stairs for goods but beware the green evil. Enter sector #4.

This is it. The coup de tat. The el nacho grande. The final map. Start by looking around. When you enter the northern half watch out for the flying door. Now climb down and look under the stairs on the east end for a datacube. Search the body by the cloning tanks for an augmentation upgrade canister. Enter the passage to the north between the cloning tanks. Give the greys a taste of "higher intelligence", then login to the security terminal to remove the radiation. Move east through the gray room into the realm of Bob Page. Talk to Page then hide before you get ripped by the two turrets north and south of Page. Also, Page will drain you of your bioelectric energy if you stay around him longer than a second.

Before you move consider the layout of Bob Page's realm. You are on the third floor of a three floor structure. Each floor is "guarded". Destroying these guards whether they be greasels, greys, or spider bots doesn't help since each floor has a universal constructor ready to crank out more. Each UC can be shutoff by using an override switch, located in a nearby keypad locked room. Now a choice has to be made. What do you want? Who do you serve? Since this is a game, we can try all three. Lets start with the easiest.

Merge with Helios

Run past Page heading south. Climb the ladder, then open the grate by the pipes and climb down. Crawl out and read the datacube by the body. Climb back up and run past Page exiting out the north passage. Those with multitools can just skip the above and exit north. To your left are two spider bots. The door north of you has an override that shuts off the UC. You don't have to deal with this if you are sneaky enough. Run east, turn right and open the door at the end of the hall. Activate both channels then login to the computer as Helios asks. Leave sector #4 and return to where you first spoke with Helios in the Aquinas hub in Sector #3, near the sector #4 entrance. The End.

New Dark Age

Run past Page heading north. Open the grate by the pipes and climb to the bottom. Crawl out and sneak out the door, turn left and head south to the steps. Climb up it then turn left before the entering the radiation room into a small area near a dead body. Look at the shelves for a datacube with the code needed for the coolant area. Head back down the ramp and run to the northwest corner. If you have multitools sneak off to the northwest and open the hatch to the coolant area directly, skipping the trip upstairs. A UC on the north end will makes generates creatures. Near the exit of the UC is a door leading to an override. Just east of the UC is a security terminal. Hack it to unleash a small security bot. A good approach is to head back to the door you came out of and open the nearby grate. It connects to a room just south of the UC. Also in this room is a hatch leading to a sewer route for the coolant area. However, when you surface you'll be in a bad position for self-defense. However you do it, get to the northwest corner and open the door. Inside are some guards both ahead and above. Get to the west end and push the button to flush the system. Return to sector #3 and enter the reactor lab. At the base of each reactor is a fail-safe switch you must press. Get them both then enter the control room. Push all three buttons to activate the ion reactors then start the reaction. The End.

Join Illuminati

This is a tough one. Start by running north past Page. Climb the ladder at the end and turn west. Run across the catwalk and down the steps. You'll have to guess the code to deactivate the blue-fusion reactor. (Hint: its not 5 - 9.) Behind you two security bots will emerge. Check both bot hatches when the bots are destroyed for bonus items as well as by the stairs and the chest on the landing. Leave heading east and open the grate near the pipes. Climb down and crawl out the other end. Open the door. The animals on this floor are replicated by a UC on the north end. Approach the UC by opening the grate near the door and crawling into the next room. When you open the door you'll be a bit south of the UC and a locked room with a switch to close it off. Once the UC is closed, you can kill everything safely. Just outside this room is the second blue-fusion reactor. As you leave the room heading north its on your left.

Run to the southwest and climb the steps. Pause to check for items then continue up into the radioactive area to deactivate blue-fusion reactor number three. Exit out the north door. The final blue-fusion reactor is in the grey's area. They come out of a UC to the west. Again, a door near the UC can prevent the replications from coming after you. This one is worth shutting down since the grays are radioactive making it hard to get past them without taking damage. To the southwest is a security terminal to be hacked unleashing a bot buddy. As you cross the catwalk in the middle heading west to the UC the last reactor is on your left. Head to the west end then look under the railing for two yellow pipes. You can safely drop atop these then the floor without taking damage. Run southeast past the door and back up the ladder. Head back to Bob Page and run past him out the north passage. Turn right and go down the hall. Just before the door for the Aquinas Router is a side exit to the Infusion Control. Push the button. Game over.

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