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Welcome to the Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition FAQ.

Written by TechImmortal, this Game of the Year Edition FAQ is designed to tell you everything you need to know about the package. Got any suggestions for additions? Any corrections or comments? Send them here.

OK, Deus Ex fans! It's the post you have been waiting for: The Deus Ex GOTY Edition FAQ!!!

1)What does it look like?

It's not the washed out ugly white thing it appears to be on the web pictures. It's a gorgeous metallic silver version of the original blue box, with some changes in the print to say Game of the Year Edition on the front, a list of 18 of the awards inside, and descriptions of the extras that come with it.

2) So where can I get one? Other than online.

It's amazing how many stores don't even have it on their buy list yet. I actually asked the buyers in some stores. I got mine at Software Etc./Babbages - which in my neighborhood is included in a section of the Barnes and Noble store. So, try there.

Best Buy is also selling them for a few days at a discount price of $30, but hurry, the price will soon go back up to normal again.

3) So, what comes in it?

- The game with the latest patch (v1.112fm) which means multiplayer as well. No more 35MB download.

- The latest SDK.

- THE SOUNDTRACK. CD quality (44.1KHz) stereo. The tunes really rock in stereo, trust me, with some cool panning effects. Some instruments have been replaced with better ones on some tracks. The big surprise is that the main theme has been rewritten a little; after I got over the shock, I really like the new version.

- A Windows desktop theme, which I have not yet checked out.

- The Midnight Sun Newspaper - YES!!! Those of you in the US who somehow didn't get a Midnight Sun, here's your chance. I have a feeling that the Midnight Sun is not part of non-US distribution

4)So, what's on the soundtrack? Here's what you get (all tracks written by Alexander Brandon unless noted otherwise):

1) Main Title
2) Intro Sequence
3) Liberty Island
4) UNATCO - by Michiel Van Den Bos
5) Battery Park
6) NYC Streets
7) Lebedev's Airfield - by Michiel Van Den Bos
8) Airfield Action - by Michiel Van Den Bos
9) Enemy Within
10) Desolation (Hong Kong Canal)
11) The Synapse (Hong Kong Streets)
12) Hong Kong Action
13) Majestic 12 Labs
14) Versalife
15) Naval Base - by Dan Gardopee
16) Paris Streets
17) DuClare Chateau - by Michiel Van Den Bos
18) Paris Action
19) Return to NYC
20) Oceanlab
21) Ocean Action
22) Oceanlab Complex
23) Vandenberg - by Dan Gardopee
24) Begin the End (Bunker)
25) Area 51
26) Ending 1
27) Ending 2
28) Ending 3
29) The Illuminati
30) DX Club Mix

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