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Harvey "Witchboy" Smith on the SDK:

On early design: 

Witchboy: One thing: people can be working on DX Unreal maps (saving them out to the unreal t3d archive) in anticipation for the sdk.

That way when [the SDK] comes out, they can just import the t3d for the map using the DX version of the editor.

On SDK plans:

WitchboySDK plans are still tentative, but we know we want to do it. Currently we've assigned two people--writer Sheldon Pacotti and associate producer Bob White--to work out some of the details.

On what the SDK will include:

Witchboy: The SDK will (most likely) include the modified DX Unreal-based editor and the DX ConEdit conversation/flag system written by Albert Yarusso and used, primarily, by Sheldon Pacotti.


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