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Interview with Harvey "Witchboy" Smith:

Jazar: What was the hardest part of developing DX?

Witchboy: Dealing with the constraints and expectations of the "real world." If the game was set in some magical realm, populated by goblins or something, it would be easier to meet the expectations of the player. But when you go to the real world as a setting, players suddenly expect all the little things with which they are familiar to work in logical ways. For instance, if you create an office building, players expect to see phones, and if players see phones, they expect to be able to call an ally, call the police for assistance, etc. Of course, goblins do not usually have phones.

Jazar: What kind and how many weapons will DX have?

Witchboy: I'm not sure about the exact count. We have a lot of odd little things like a pepperspray gun, a collapsible baton, a wall-mounted explosive trap, a disposable one-shot spy gun and a high tech crossbow. But we also have lockpicks, security computers and tech 'hacking' devices. You can get through some missions without firing a shot.

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Jazar: How would you grade the game on replayability?

Witchboy: Potentially, it has a lot of replayability. But even if you only did one playthrough, the game is *big*.

Jazar: How do you, as a designer, plan puzzles which stray from the usual "Figure out what the developers want you to do" puzzles?

Witchboy: The easiest answer is that we try to provide several solutions to each problem. That way, the player can express his own style. Stealth, diplomacy, violence, etc.

Jazar: Will it have drivable vehicles or remotes (ie remote controlled vehicles)?

Witchboy: Remote cameras and autoturrets. And helicopters, boats and subs that move into place and act as map transitions, but, no, the player cannot actually pilot these vehicles.

Jazar: What kind of multi player modes are you considering, if any?

Witchboy: We're saving that for the add-on. Deus Ex, as it stands now, is a single-player role-playing game, heavy on story and character development.

Jazar: Besides the gun-sights quivering, if you don't have full skill with the weapon you're using, will there be anything else that will make the feel of the weapons different from most games? I.e. cleaning your weapon, recoil from your gun actually throwing your aim off (like SS2), etc.

Witchboy: Lots of minor things like recoil. If you hold the cursor on a target, your aim tightens up. But also, in Deus Ex, you can modify your weapons, adding many little enhancements and customizing them.

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Jazar: How will armor play a role in Deus Ex if at all?

Witchboy: There is a form of stealth armor, plus augmentations for ballistic protection and energy-attack protection.

Jazar: What are the possibilities for an expansion pack.

Witchboy: Strong.

Jazar: How will NPCs play a role in Deus Ex?

Wichboy: We just did a count for voice recording purposes. Over 350!!!

Jazar: Was Deus Ex planned as a trilogy?

Witchboy: Part of the original story was conceived by Warren as part of a trilogy, I think. But the game has, since then, really become its own story/setting.

Jazar: How are you guys doing at this stage of development?

Witchboy: Great. Fixing bugs. Polishing.

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