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Thief: To The Next Level

The Prologue
BackDoor: Hey Eberon.
Eberon: What's up man?

BackDoor: You ready for our next mission?
Eberon: Sure. What is it?

BackDoor: The Trickster's back, and he's got two major projects up his sleeve.
Eberon: The Trickster wears shirts now?

BackDoor: No, you freak! That was meant to be a cliche.
Eberon: Oh, sorry. I thought he might've caught that 'Going Out of Business' sale at Ward's.

BackDoor: Eberon, this is the Trickster we're talking about here. Do you honestly think he'd be at Montgomery Ward's? In this day and age?
Eberon: Sure, why not? I go to Ward's all the time, you know, trying to get all the good deals before everything's gone, and this Trickster is always in there doing magic tricks for the kids and.....

BackDoor: Eberon! I'm not talking about that Trickster, I'm talking about 'The Trickster'. Nevermind that though, I'll put it to you in way you'll understand better. see......ah ha, got it.
Karras has arisen with twice the amount of gas.
Eberon: Ewwwww! I would rise too. You know how bloated you get with even just a regular case of gas, and he's got twice the amount? He's got to be in some major pain. How.....

BackDoor: Eberon! Forget it! Here's our mission. There's a disturbance in the Thief community, and we need to help get everyone back in the proper mindset. There are two major Mod's in development right now for the Thief universe that are utilizing the Thief 2 editors tools. These are by far the biggest two projects in the history of the Thief community, and we need to help set the community straight on how these projects are different from one another, what they share in common, and how both will give us Thief fans hours and hours of fun game play from someone else's labor of love.
Eberon: Right. Gotcha. This reminds me of the time when there was a disturbance in The Force in Star Wars. You know, when Darth Vader, with his sleek, black, aero-dynamic helmet, could feel the power of Good growing in Luke, and he could.....

BackDoor: Stop! Stop it! Please! Look, we need to get down to business here and get this thing started. I don't have time for any of your reminiscing or flash backs.
Eberon: D'oh! Next time just say so. I'll go grab my trusty lock-picks and blackjack so we can be on our way. I'll also bring a couple of deer legs. I'm absolutely starving. You want anything?

BackDoor: A couple of carrots would be nice. Be sure to bring some rope arrows as well, because we'll need to do some roof hopping to get over to their studios. You'll also need a slow fall potion so we can drop into their galleries from the top. I'll bring my scouting orb so that we can scout ahead some of the problem areas of the city, and not get detected. I'll also bring a couple of water arrows in case we need a quick light switch, if you know what I mean.

The Intro
Making our way to Lord Dumfrie's was rookie work. Getting through the city has become nothing but a nuisance for master thieves such as Eberon and myself, and we'd like to put our real skills to the test and uncover what's been going on behind closed doors in the Thief community of late. After 15 minutes of slipping in and out of shadows, dodging a few guards here and there, we finally came upon Camden Street. Lord Dumfrie's place is another six blocks to the west, but his guards are top notch, so we decide to go ahead and take to the rooftops so that we're a little less conspicuous.

I assign Eberon scout duty to gather some quick information before we head up high. He ventures off down to Lady Vain's place to see if he can come across anything that might tip us off to where they're hiding their plans. Lady Vain is Lord Dumfrie's cousin, and since they live just right up the street from each other, they're constantly conversating about each other's lives and gossiping about the local towns folk. I lay low in a nearby alley and await his return.

After 10 minutes I decided he has taken long enough, and he had probably gotten himself into trouble again, so I venture off after him. I go around to the back of Lady Vain's place, and sure enough, as I peer through her bedroom window, I can clearly see that Ol'Ebie (Eberon's nickname) was in bed with Lady Vain. I should've known that man wouldn't be able to keep his head on straight when searching for information around his ex-lovers place. Eberon had a serious relationship with Lady Vain years back, but when he joined the Thieves Guild he had to go into hiding for a couple of years while we trained him. I wanted to grab him by the neck and ask him, "Just what in the name of the Thieves Guild are you doing?" Instead, I held in my frustration and focused on the mission at hand. We were here to gather information, and that's exactly what I started doing.

I rummaged through her dresser drawers in her guest room, but didn't find anything. I then ventured into the wash-room and pantry, but still, nothing. I knew if there were any information in her place, she'd have it in her room, but I wasn't about to step one foot in there unless I had too. Unfortunately, that was the case, I had to. I crept in while Ol'Ebie kept her busy, and I managed to pull her diary out from under her bed. I quickly retreated from her room and back into the pantry. I then opened it up and began to read her thoughts. A couple of pages later I couldn't believe what I found. Lady Vain had asked Lord Daniel Todd and Sir Avalon several questions about their upcoming projects. Here's what her diary read:

Lady Vain's Diary

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