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Disclosure: A hands-on preview.

Hello Deus Ex fans! It’s been a while, but we’ve got a special treat for you today: a hands-on preview and mini-review of the Disclosure demo, which is set to hit the public scene in approximately six days, on the 22nd of February.

So get pumped. For those of you not in the know (for whatever reason – shame on you!), the Disclosure project is being headed up by Face, famed author of DXMP_CarPark and the DXMP_Towers maps. This time around, Face’s talents are being poured into a single player experience unlike any other seen yet in the community. It has been a long two years of scant releases (Counterfeit and Dune are the only ones that come to mind), but Disclosure looks to be set for its Summer/Fall 2002 release date. For the uninitiated, a small blurb of background setting comes straight from the project’s website:

“LIES... COVERUPS... DECEPTION... The story continues in this war for survival - a subtle, invisible, but very real war. This war is not about bullets and bombs, but about the absolute control of information and minds, an unceasing war of conflicting words and ideals, their causes and their effects.

Who killed your brother, Paul, and why? Was he somehow part of a top secret military project? Why was he involved? Why would he be involved? What really did happen on the night of his death?

Deus Ex: Disclosure will take you on a dark journey of discovery, spanning vast and varied locations, ranging from deserts to the darkest depths of the Puerto Rican rainforests, and cities to canyons. Who can you trust?

Paul is dead and his memory laid to rest, but his killer has always remained on your mind. Why? There has to be a reason for Pauls assassination. Higher authorities have plagued our lives and Paul was always closer to the edge than most. If there was a deeper involvement you must find out.”

Now, when you get the demo, it’ll probably clock in under 10MB. The best place to get it will be Face’s site, and it’ll even come with an installer, coded by the multitalented Face himself. The installer is incredibly painless to use and will even come with a DE-installation option! Never ever has modification installation been this easy for me.

So with that, I can say that having played the demo extensively, the game is coming along very nicely. The game’s architecture is superb, from outside mountainous areas to the cavernous depths of an old ore mine. Level interaction is high throughout, with many keypads and computers to use. Of course, along with keypads and computers comes a good number of interesting datacubes – some that you’ll spot easily, and others that will most likely elude you on your first time through.

The levels in the demo are on a more isolationist side, with a few NPC discussions here and there, but as players will soon find out, the mysterious mining facility is no exception to the rule that mysterious means dangerous. Later missions will place you in more urban areas, mixing up the gameplay quite a bit. The final product is estimated to have 10 “levels”, comprised of 3-6 maps a piece.

I can’t honestly find much else to say about the Disclosure demo without giving things away, so I’ll leave it to Face to wow you all next Friday. We all know, however, that no preview would be complete without screenshots, so without further delay, here they are! --

~Lee Roberson - Feb 2002

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