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Rooftop Mountaineering
Lord Todd: CoSaS (Circle of Stone and Shadow) Lead
Sir Avalon: T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age Lead

Eberon and I hop across six blocks of rooftops to get to Lord Dumfries' place. I send Eberon onto Lord Dumfries' rooftop while I scout the guard activities on the streets below from the rooftop of Lady Stales' Bakery. I should've taken Lord Dumfries' rooftop and left Ol'Ebie here to take in the raunchy, stale smell of aged baked goods. I clearly see now why they say, "Her name suits her well, very well."

While scouting the streets below, I notice that the guard at the alley entrance is all alone. No guards patrol back to that area, except for one, the guard who patrols the East side of the building makes his way back there every other time, which is about once every 5 minutes. I don't want to enter from the lower alley entrance, because entering from the rooftop and having the advantage of looking down instead of up is simply too good to pass up. Instead, I plan on clearing the alley entrance for a fast retreat, in case we need one once we're in the building. I wait patiently for the East side guard to patrol around back next to the alley entrance guard. He rounds the corner and is about 20 paces from the other guard. I draw back a gas arrow and start thinking about the windage, gravity, and power I need to put behind it to make sure I get them both in one shot. The East side guard is now within ten paces of the alley guard, and I know for the arrow to get there in time, I've got to release it when he's four paces away. I calculate four paces, and just as he hits the 'four pace' mark, I let the gas arrow fly.

Perfect! The gas arrow struck the East side guard just as he was right in front of the alley guard. Both guards went down fast and silent, and I had just given us a BackDoor getaway. I signal for Ol'Ebie to come back over and give me the scouting report of Lord Dumfries' place and he responds accordingly. He tells me there's one guard who is patrolling the skylight and if we can take him down, then we have our choice of either picking the rooftop door, or entering via skylight and fast roping down from there. I told him we'd decide upon that once we dispatched of the skylight guard.

We both hop onto Lord Dumfries' rooftop and set our plan into action. Ol'Ebie sneaks around to the North side of the skylight where there's more shadows to help him stay concealed, and get in close enough for a fast blackjack. I draw back a noisemaker arrow and let it fly just to the south side of the skylight. As soon as the guard was distracted, Ol'Ebie flew out of the shadows with his blackjack above his head. He leapt over the skylight, and while in mid, he let the blackjack above his head start its decent. As his feet hit the ground, the blackjack hit the guard squarely in the back of the head, and the guard found a nice sleeping arrangement, courtesy of Ol'Ebie.

The Entry
As we peer through the skylight, we can clearly see that the stairs are too well guarded, and that our best option is to use a vine arrow so that we can 'fast rope' in. Instead of breaking the skylight and causing a commotion, Ol'Ebie whips out his lock picks and picks the lock on it. We open up the skylight, I place a vine arrow on the inside ledge, and watch as it falls towards the floor. Now comes the hard part. We must 'fast rope' quickly down the vine at just the right time, and while sliding down, we must ingest a slow fall potion, because the fall at the end of the vine to the bottom floor is too far without injuring ourselves otherwise. I give the queue, and Ol'Ebie starts his decent. I'm right behind him, and just as he lets go of the vine at the bottom, I'm finishing up my slow fall potion. We both hit bottom, and immediately head for Lord Dumfries' office via the shadows. We already know his office will be locked, so I already have my lock picks out and ready to go.

We reach his office, I pick the lock, and we're in. Eberon stands guard at the door with his blackjack at the ready, while I look for information on the two projects. I find a security lock box under Lord Dumfries' desk, and I immediately pick the lock and open it up. I want to yell with excitement, but I know better. Inside the lock box was a scroll, which read, "Thief 2 Projects information." How obvious could he be? I opened up the scroll and started to read:

These two projects are easily the biggest two projects in the Thief community, or even the history of the TTLG Network for that matter. Is this the reason that there has been some tension in the community, making some side with one project or the other? What would you like to tell the community on this matter? How do you view your relationship with the other projects Lead/Team?

Lord Daniel Todd: While I am tempted to challenge your claim as to the significance of these two projects in the greater scheme of TTLG History (I'd have to say that the TTLG forums are much bigger and more influential to the lives of the fans then either of these campaigns will ever be), I am also honored that you consider them as such.

I will admit that here is some tension between CoSaS & T2X, but I am also going to firmly rebuke any claims that these two teams are rivals or in competition. I think that some members of the community (and even on both teams) think that it is exciting that these two projects are being worked on at the same time, and think that it would be even more exciting if there was some type of contest between them. While a little friendly competition (or sibling rivalry) is rarely bad, I think that the kind of competition that some people are looking for is ultimately harmful to both projects and teams. I know that there is already some anxiety between some people on opposite teams because of the pressures being put on them by the community, as well as the occasional joking trash-talk by certain people. I would really like to put a stop to this.

I do not know Avalon personally. My only impression of him has to be drawn from the people working with him on T2X. Some of my best and most trusted friends work with him, therefore I trust their judgment that he is an a-okay chap.

Sir Avalon: I think a lot of people have had the misconception that CoSaS and T2x are at odds with each other, or competing for the 'Best Campaign' spot in people's minds. This is - of course - not true. CoSaS aims to take the Thief series in a new awesome direction, while we aim to continue the series and fill in the gaping holes that were left by Thief 2. Projects with goals and intents of these large differences couldn't possibly find a way to compete with or despise each other.

Our team has found inspiration from the previous works of those CoSaS members such as Trimfect, Mokkis and KFGecko, just to name a few of the talents behind that project. CoSaS is well organized and looks to be coming along very nicely; I don't think there's a one of us T2xers who isn't going to race to be the first to snag it when it's released.

Could you both give the general storyline behind your project so that the community has a definitive answer, and can easily differentiate between the two?

Lord Daniel Todd: CoSaS is all about a talking Burrick named Lenny. He goes out on an adventure in search of the holy cheese, and along the way comes across a plot by a kindhearted badger to take over the world. Lenny eats the badger, and the world is saved from peace. Lenny never finds the cheese, because I ate it already.

Oh yeah, and something about circles and stones and shadows is in there too, but that's totally peripheral. ;)

If you need some information about our plot to distinguish it from T2X, then just remember this: CoSaS is the one with Master Nightfall in it. Hooray for Master Nightfall! *coughs* He's my hero! I wanna be just like him when I grow up! ^_^

Sir Avalon: We're keeping the plot somewhat to ourselves at the moment, but I can tell you that the main character is a stranger to the City, who is forced into a shadowed life of thievery and stealth so as to exact revenge for a terrible wrongdoing…

How is your project staying true to the Thief universe? How is it not? Why?

Lord Daniel Todd: We stay true to it in that we do not meddle too much with anything set up by Thief 1 or 2. We are not staying true to it by adding piles of elements which were never even hinted at in either game, especially in the way of new characters, "factions" (I use the term loosely), and settings. We are staying true by maintaining the all-important element of multiple opposing forces battling for the dominance of their opposing ideal. We are not staying true by making those ideals something other than simply order versus chaos. At a risk of giving too much away, you can look for the opposition between elitism verses communalism, and compassion verses indifference. Both of those, of course, will not be made nearly as plain, crisp, or obvious as the order versus chaos theme of Thief 1 & 2.

Sir Avalon: Our project is a parallel to the original Thief games; filling in the gaps left by them, yet still taking long strides to add our own new twists and additions without contradicting the original Thief plot. We aim to 'continue' the Thief series in our expansion, not turn it off the course the guys over at ISA have in mind.

The Search Continues

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